Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Repository Layout in Gradle

For one of the projects I work on with some colleagues, we have a number of jar files, which are not part of any Maven(-ized) repository. We decided to upload these jar files to the downloads page of github, so that we have a url which we can refer to. Using some customization in our Gradle build file, we managed to download these jars as though they were hosted on a Maven(-ized) repository.

usePlugin 'java'

repositories {
add(new org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.URLResolver()) {
name = "GitHub"
addArtifactPattern '[organization]-[module]-[revision].[ext]'

dependencies {
compile "gdata:client:1.0@jar"
compile "gdata:analytics:2.1@jar"
compile "gdata:analytics-meta:2.1@jar"

There are other options, but this was the most terse we came up with.

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