Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gradle License Plugin

Over at Xebialabs, we've made the switch from Maven to Gradle. This means that a big part of the build is now much cleaner than it ever was with Maven. However working for a product company also entails dealing with software licenses.

We of course have a license for our product (Deployit). As with every license type, we want to have a header on top of all of our source files, stating our copyright. Now there are of course a number of 'simple' solutions for this, such as to adapt the templates provided by your favorite IDE. But then you setup your workspace again, and *poof* all your settings are gone.

So for that we had the Maven license plugin in place, which during a release would 'brand' all our source files. With the switch to Gradle we didn't have this functionality anymore, so I decided to write the gradle-license-plugin and open source it. It's usage is described in the README file on github. Feel free to fork and extend it. Would love to see some pull requests for nice features.

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